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Hunter's Moon - Lisa Kessler [I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.] An Alpha werewolf hero and kick-ass jaguar heroine burn up the pages in Lisa Kessler's Hunter's Moon. I have to admit to have been jonesing for the next installment of Lisa Kessler's Moon series, ever since i finished Moonlight (The Moon Series) (Entangled Edge), the first book in the series that introduced us to a wolf pack in Reno whose natural enemies were jaguar shifters, many from the big bad Nero Organization. I won't go into too many details, as you should definitely read this one yourself (and you REALLY do want to), but this is a review of book two, Hunter's Moon (The Moon Series, Entangled Edge, to be released 21 Oct 2013) that picks up the story where Moonlight left off.

Aren, the protagonist in Hunter's Moon, is the twin brother of Adam, the now-Alpha of the Reno wolf pack who is mated to a natural born jaguar shifter, Lana. (If I just confused you, their story is told in Moonlight.) Sasha, whom we see Aren protecting, was a cop, but had to leave the force after being bitten by her then lover, a jaguar with complicated ties to Reno. In her quest for a promised cure, she did some bad things, really bad things in Moonlight, but by the time we start Hunter's Moon, her reality has shifted and so has ours. She's no longer the one we're hissing at. (Well we're all cats aren't we?)

Aren and Sasha have a lot to overcome in Hunter's Moon, believe me when I say she wasn't a sweetheart in Moonlight and has a lot of making up to do. But there are always reasons aren't there? As I discovered more about Sasha (and each chapter is headed, in this Advance Reader Copy by "Sasha" or "Aren" so we know whose point of view we're hearing), she became a favorite of mine: gritty, a survivor, someone who trusted once, but perhaps not again, all qualities that we can identify with. And Aren? Well if you liked him in Moonlight you'll love him in Hunter's Moon. His stoicism in light of his injuries is remarkable, but so is his recognition and action upon his feelings.

The story is fast-paced and engrossing, a hallmark of Kessler's writing style. She weaves in government conspirators, long-lost twins, another big bad villain, and more. This book was one I couldn't put down till the last page was turned...and then I was calculating when the next book in her series would be released (Blood Moon, July 2014).

So, to sum it up, I'd rate this book at five howls or very large catnip leaves. It is a winner and if you're fan of urban fantasy and paranormal romance - you'll want to include this series in your must-reads list too. I'd never read any of Lisa Kessler's books before Moonlight, but have now added all of her to my TBR shelf on my Kindle. Enjoy!

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