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Mine to Hold - Cynthia Eden [I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.] What is the line between obsession and love? Cynthia Eden's Mine to Hold explores that fine line. I really enjoy Cynthia Eden's books and cannot believe that somehow I missed the publication this summer of the first two books in her Mine trilogy (Mine To Take and Mine To Keep ). However, when I received Mine to Hold to review, I quickly rectified that lapse and loaded the other books onto my Kindle. I'm so glad I did. And if you haven't already done so, I'd suggest you do the same, as this is a really interesting series that explores aspects of love that border on darkness.

In a quick recap, the first two books in the series focus mainly on the relationship between former ballerina Skye Sullivan and billionaire (and super alpha male) Trace Weston. The third book that we're focusing on here, Mine to Hold, explores the relationship between two characters that were introduced in Mine to Keep, Claire Kramer, the sister of Trace Weston's former assistant, and Noah York, Trace's former military associate, now a billionaire hotelier based in Manhattan.

When we meet them, Claire is pretty much at the end of her rope going to Noah for a job. We quickly find out that she's been stalked since her teens, and her family murdered, by the son of a prominent politician. Noah, as the alpha protagonist we realize quickly, will do anything and everything to protect Claire.

There are enough plot twists and turns to keep your fingers burning as you flip pages in your e-readers - assassinations, bombs, untimely arrests. But what really defined this book for me was not the suspenseful elements (of which there are many), but instead the trajectory of the relationship between Noah and Claire.

Eden is masterful at letting us see the shadows that can obscure possibilities - and facile at finding ways to brush them aside. Her prose is clean, crisp, and elegant.

Readers will find this book steamy enough to heat up a cold winter's night, while at the same time, moving enough to bring tears at the end.

Now, did I really need to read the first two books in the series before this one? No, quite frankly, Mine to Hold could be a stand alone book, however I felt more informed and in tune with her characters with the benefit of having the first two books in my consciousness. Plus they were quite wonderful reads and I'd highly recommend them to you.

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