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Feel The Heat - Kate Meader Sweet, spicy, steamy romance is served up in Kate Meader's Hot in the Kitchen series. I love cooking and truly enjoy reading cookbooks, chef biographies, and tend to seek out novels that feature kitchen time. So I very much savored the day I spent reading Kate Meader's first two entries in her Hot in the Kitchen series. She serves up some very generous quantities of steamy romance in this contemporary romance series set in Chicago that features some hot chefs, with intriquing accents, and two very sexy Italian-American sisters.

I haven't read any of Meader's books before and wasn't familiar with this series until I received book two, All Fired Up, from the publisher (Forever / Grand Central Publishing) to review. After reading the first few pages, I made an executive decision and purhased the first book, Feel the Heat, so I could read this series sequentially. I'm so glad I did.

Feel the Heat is a joyous romp, from the moment you begin reading and meet "good girl" Lili DeLuca in her Wonder Woman outfit beaning celebrity chef Jack Kilroy with a cast iron skillet. How could love not follow that gentle introduction?

It quickly becomes apparent to both of Lili and Jack, their families, and co-workers that something's cooking with both of them - even before a viral video of their kiss hits the web. From what I've just described this could be a very formulaic girl meets celeb story with standard HEA (happily ever after) that could be a fine book, but instad Meader has created something a little more interesting.

Lili has some insecurities to overcome, including a negative body image she has struggled to overcome from her formerly chubby teen years. While Jack deals with the constant curse of celebrity - to distinguish whether people want to be with him for him or for what he can do for them. We also meet the very traditional DeLuca family; Lily's sister Cara, who is Jack's television producer; her mother, a breast cancer surivor; her father, the chef Jack competes against; and assorted cousins. Their antics will have you chortling out loud at points, before tears fall...

Meader's books are absolutely fabulous to read and impossible to put down. Her characters come to life on the page and at points in time, I swear I smelled some red sauce cooking on the stove. She has a very precious gift to be able to convey the emotions and inner psyches of her characters from the page to our hearts.

If you love romance, have a thing for hot chefs, enjoy humor-laced writing, and love to see heros and heroines evolve these are two books you should not hesitate to pick up from your bricks and morter store or download to your e-reader. I highly, highly recommend Kate Meader's Hot in the Kitchen series and am definitely looking out for book three, Hot and Bothered.

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