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Ghosts of Kingston Cottage - Libby Bishop [I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.] Just in time for Halloween, a romantic ghost story by Libby Bishop. Ghosts, romance, a setting on an island off the coast of Maine - how could I resist reading this novella-length book, Ghosts of Kingston Cottage, by Libby Bishop. I couldn't. It's a perfect pre-Halloween read, but to be frank, although spooky, the romance between the ghosts and the paranormal investigator (medium) and skeptical reporter really is the focus of this story.

I can only commend Bishop as this story is engrossing. From the paranormal investigation agency that we want to hear more about, to the three friends who grew up in the small Maine coastal town, to the possible romance, if Arabella can learn to trust again. Wow, all this accomplished in under 100 pages. That to me is a very talented author and definitely worth a read.

The details are fun - ghost hunters are always fascinating aren't they? And if you turn down the lights, put on a little spooky music, and read this by candlelight and the light of your e-reader - you have the perfect Halloween haunt.

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