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Unscripted - Jayne Denker [ARC received from NetGalley for fair and honest review.] Five thumbs up for Jayne Denker's sexy romp through Hollywood highs and lows, Unscripted. After reading Jayne Denker's soon-to-be-released Down on Love (21 Nov 2013 pub date), I really wanted to read some of her other books. Luckily her publisher had one, Unscripted, available for review.

What a difference between the two books - Down on Love the quintessential small town romance with Unscripted set in big, bad Hollywood. But what they both share are two kick-ass heroines whom I admired more with each page I turned.

I've never spent time in Hollywood for work, but have worked around stage actors, writers, and directors for a long time, so when the plot lines that Denker used seem real to the reader, may I say that they are. Mom, who was also a theater brat, told me to (a) never marry an actor and (b) never marry a Hungarian (long story). I followed her advice and remain unmarried, but did date a few actors along the way. They were nice and probably would have met with her seal of approval, but I also saw quite a few that would have served as role models for Luke. In fact, if this were ever made into a movie or television special they should audition - it would be typecasting.

The studio heavy, the wild Brit brother, the seemingly self-absorbed mother who demolished Hollywood's glass ceiling, and the hot, hunky theater professor - yes, this is a fun book to read. But it's more than fun, it's touching.

Faith Sinclair, the creator, producer, director, and writer of the hit cable series Modern Women - goes from Hollywood hottie with everyone's ear to persona non grata after literally grabbing the balls of her boss. I did say she was spunky and kick-ass, right? I won't give a way the plot, but somehow she finds herself co-teaching a script writing class with Professor Mason Mitchell, the head of a community college theater department, while she tries to convince Luke to return to his role on Modern Women - which would save the show and also return her to her rightful place as producer. As the story unwinds, so does Faith, and as we learn more about her the more we care about the outcome of Unscripted.

I have to say that I still love Down on Love a little more, but Unscripted has a place in my heart too. Denker has a real gift for making her characters come alive on the page and making us care about them. So definitely five thumbs up for Unscripted and don't forget to pre-order Down on Love. Let the cameras roll.

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