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One More Day - M. Malone The first book in The Alexanders series, One More Day, is a great mix of romance and suspense with a dash of down home southern hospitality thrown in. Actually after reading this I wanted to be adopted by the Alexanders and go out and live with them on their farm. The warmth and sincere generosity of a family who cares enveloped both the heroine Ridley and the reader.

I have to say that I knew once I began reading One More Day that I had made the right decision to get the rest of the series as these characters quickly came to life on the page. Ridley, who might look like her twin, the SI swimsuit model Raina, confuses everyone by her down-to-earth way of looking at things, but she successfully pulls off her identity switch as she hides out with record producer (and super hottie) Jackson.

Not knowing who's after her, but with the possibility it might be her long-lost father (a mafia don according to the FBI), Ridley finds it hard to trust anyone. But the heat between Jackson and Ridley soon burns through her mistrust and the pages begin to steam. Along the way, Malone weaves in quite a few subplots and I began to really want to know what was up with Raina and Jackson's brother Nick, a financial maven. I was happy to see more of Mara and Trent and also learn a little more about the other Alexander brothers, Elliot, who owns a security firm and horticulturalist Bennett, who lives on the farm with his parents. And I wanted to give a great big hug to Jackson's two sons, particularly the one who loves spiders.

I won't give the plot away, but be prepared to laugh a lot, fan your face during some steamy scenes, and just in general enjoy a really great read.

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