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He's the Man - M. Malone Book three of The Alexanders series, He's the Man, focuses on Matt Simmons, recovering from a war injury while serving as an Army Ranger, and his physical therapist (and former babysitter) Penelope (Penny) Lewis.

Matt is the twin brother of Mara, whom we met in the prequel novella, and he's returned home with an injury that may have taken away his chance to return to active duty service. Mara arranges for their former babysitter Penny, a physical therapist based closer to DC, to rehabilitate his shoulder.

When Matt and Penny first meet in her office I think my Kindle began to overheat. It didn't matter that Malone had made clear she was seeing someone else, their chemistry was just hot hot hot.

Matt, who is like another son to the Alexanders, not only has to deal with his injury, but also with the trauma of losing his best friend in the attack that injured him. He also is a little out-of-sorts with all his friends (Trent, Jackson, and Nick) hooking up in the forever kind of way, while he remains alone.

Penny, at first introduction, seems highly professional, perhaps a little ambitious, caring, and also stuck with a boyfriend who doesn't light any fires, but offers security instead. I was surprised that Malone didn't make more of her being the former babysitter, but then I remembered that I used to babysit children one or two years younger than I was. It is definitely not a May/December romance.

I don't want to give away too much about the series, but I do want to encourage you to read it. I appreciate the fact that race is incorporated in Malone's novels in a way that we don't question if the character is black, white, red, or purple, but instead we get to know who they are inside. That's the way it should be in books and, more importantly, in life.

So, five stars for M. Malone's The Alexanders series. Keep an eye out this November for the holiday novella, [b:Christmas with the Alexanders], and in January for book four, [b:All I Need is You|412969|All I Need Is You (Straton Family, #2)|Johanna Lindsey|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1347756468s/412969.jpg|402202], when Elliot Alexander and singer Kay will have their day.

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