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Montana Mustangs - Danica Winters Five stars for Danica Winters' sexy, suspenseful, and absolutely enthralling Nymph series

I hate to admit that I became lost in a series, but I did. I really did. I received a copy from the publisher of Danica Winters' Winter Swans, the third book in her Nymph series, and just had a feeling that I should read the first two books as well. Ms. Winters was gracious and kind enough to share the first two books with me and then I became lost as I began to read…

The second book in the series, Montana Mustangs, takes us as far from Crete as could be as the chapter opens in the wild country of Montana. This time the nymph is Aura, a U.S.-based nymph who takes the form of a wild horse instead of a snake, but still has the quality of seduction of any and all males.

Dane, a very sexy cowboy/policeman interrogates her upon her discovery of a severed hand in a lake. Trouble seems to follow her as she confronts a ranch owner over the mistreatment of a horse (she can speak to animals as her special gift) and also finds some dead bodies of fellow nymphs. Soon she and the sexy detective are heating up the pages as she continues to search for her missing sister as well as trying to discover who's targeting her fellow nymphs and why.

Along the way they have to deal with some mean ranchers, a jealous detective, and find a way to conquer the curse of the nymphs. I was flipping those pages like crazy to find out what would transpire.

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