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Dark Witch - Nora Roberts Five magickal stars for Dark Witch, the first book in Nora Roberts' The Cousins O'Dwyer Trilogy
Curling up with a Nora Roberts' novel has the same effect on me as nibbling on a chocolate bar: I go into a state of bliss. This summer I read through all of her series titles and fell in love with her writing once again. Now Ms. Roberts has released the first book, Dark Witch, in a new series, The Cousins O'Dwyer Trilogy, and I feel like someone just gave me a bar of fabulous and sinfully rich French dark chocolate. (Actually a friend did give me Dark Witch and I am absolutely overjoyed and thankful.)

Dark Witch hits the trifecta of Roberts' favorite themes: horses, magick, and Ireland. I didn't mention romance, but that goes without saying doesn't it? This series follows Irish-American Iona Sheehan back to her Irish roots, where she discovers the magic she embodies, her two cousins, and their circle of friends.

The book opens with the story of the Dark Witch and her persecutor back in the Middle Ages of Ireland. I was drawn into it immediately and when the time shifted to the present almost had whiplash. Roberts ability to weave magic into her prose is unrivaled and is why so many of us adore her.

Needless to say, the three cousins band and teach Iona to use her magick. She also has a talent to speak with animals, primarily horses, and we see that in full bloom too. Her love interest, the co-stable owner is hunky and brooding. Of course it won't be all smooth sailing on either the romance or magick front (where would the suspense be then), but the description of the Irish village, the fun friends engage in, the descriptions of the historical monuments and scenery all engage the reader.

So, I can't wait till the next two books in this trilogy are published: Shadow Spell (pub date: 6 May 2014) and Blood Magick, where will find out more about Branna and Connor O'Dwyer. Five magickal stars for this wonderful entry into Nora Roberts' series collection.

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