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Emily: Sex & Sensibility - Sandra Marton Sandra Marton's Emily: Sex and Sensibility is a HOT, fun, and moving romance!

Luckily for us, USA bestselling author Sandra Marton is publishing the rest of the Wilde Family Saga herself, telling the story of the three Wilde Sisters - whom, I admit, totally grabbed me when I was reading their brother's stories as they were perfect little sisters - nosy, pushy, fun, but truly loving family members. Their resistance to the idea of marriage was established quite clearly, and seemed as strong as the three brothers, Jacob, Caleb, and Travis. I think also having three older brothers, who not only were super hunks, but, I'll kindly say phrase this as players, may have influenced their view of men too.

The first story is about the youngest Wilde sister, Emily, and was released last spring. Marton recently changed the book cover to more accurately reflect the sexual heat generated between the two main characters, Emily and Marco in Emily: Sex and Sensibility. And they are really hot! 

Emily is a character that drew me in from the moment I began reading. The description of the dive bar where she played piano in Manhattan was just spot on and her reaction to the drunk - absolutely hilarious. Once I started this book I couldn't put it down. As I read through it, Marton's words painted such a vivid picture that I was able to visualize each scene in my mind. I loved the wet and bedraggled Emily meeting Marco at 2:00am on the deserted street and both becoming soaked as he tried to convince her to come with him - and his too precious mistress in the limo.

Emily's resistance to using her family name was admirable and I found her background in art history and job search all too familiar. When Marco steps in to help her, as the reader you know that they'll be heating up the sheets soon, but the story along the way is what's key. And I loved every minute of it.

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I received an eARC from the author for use in this review.