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Jaimie: Fire & Ice (The Wilde Sisters) (Volume 1) - Sandra Marton The Wilde Sisters are FABULOUS! Jaimie: Fire and Ice is a must-read for romance lovers!

Luckily for us, USA bestselling author Sandra Marton is publishing the rest of the Wilde Family Saga herself, telling the story of the three Wilde Sisters - whom, I admit, totally grabbed me when I was reading their brother's stories as they were perfect little sisters - nosy, pushy, fun, but truly loving family members. Their resistance to the idea of marriage was established quite clearly, and seemed as strong as the three brothers, Jacob, Caleb, and Travis. I think also having three older brothers, who not only were super hunks, but, I'll kindly say phrase this as players, may have influenced their view of men too.

The second book in the series follows the most sensible of the three Wilde sisters, Jaimie or James as the family calls her. Instead of focusing on Jaimie in the beginning of Jaimie: Fire and Ice, we're introduced to Zach and learn that he's a former operative of a governmental alphabet organization; worked alongside Caleb Wilde, who is now his lawyer; and Travis Wilde, his investment advisor. Returning from an overseas secret mission that he performed on behalf his former employer he's exhausted and Marton makes you feel ever tired step he takes as well as translating the dirt and grime he's wearing.

Jaimie, on the other hand, is in Manhattan to meet the owner of a co-op her boss at a D.C. real estate firm has told her is hot to sell. The description he gives her is of a man who resembles - in all ways - Aristotle Onassis. When Zach opens the door to her, bare chested she doesn't believe he's the owner and then the lights go out.

Well, they don't really need electricity as the sparks are flying fast and furiously between the two of them. However, Marton has thrown in a very great plot twist and we're left wondering what will happen? Will they meet again? And when they do will they have a happily ever after ending - or something else?

Once again I couldn't put this book down and found the action fast-paced, the characters fun and engaging, and the antics of the Wilde family members - perfect. Marton has a way of engaging the reader and then gripping them by the heart as her characters seem to implode, but what I have to remember - and what she seems to advocate - is that there is always hope. I so love reading her books as it's like going on a roller coaster ride - totally exhilarating and you're vibrating with joyous laughter when you step out of the car.

While you don't have to read about the Wilde Brothers to understand the Wilde Sisters, I'd suggest that you add these three books to your purchase list. Published by Harlequin, the Wilde Brothers books I mentioned earlier (books two to four in the Wilde Family Saga), are: The Dangerous Jacob Wilde (The Wilde Brothers Book One), The Ruthless Caleb Wilde (The Wilde Brothers Book Two), and The Merciless Travis Wilde (The Wilde Brothers Book Three).

Marton will be publishing the story of the third Wilde sister, Lissa, the California-based chef, in February 2013. Do keep a lookout for it as the Wilde Family Saga is a five star selection that should be on your bookshelf (electronic or virtual) permanently to read - and reread.

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I received an eARC from the author for use in this review.