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The Prince of Pleasure - Sandra Marton Prince of Pleasure delivers and Sandra Marton's The Wilde Family books are hot, sexy, and absolutely engrossing five star reads

One author whom I adore is USA Today bestselling writer, Sandra Marton. I've been reading her Harlequin romances for years and this past winter and spring became caught up in three that comprise the Wilde Brothers series. When I completed those books my trusty Kindle via Amazon suggested I try a book called The Prince of Pleasure. I did, but didn't realize at the time that Marton had published it herself. I just knew it was the prequel to the Wilde Family Saga, and I'd have more of Jacob, Caleb, and Travis.

I was drawn into the story of a lawyer friend of the Wilde brothers who becomes involved with one of their clients, an Arab ruler. Soon I knew that Laurel and Khan would become involved in more than legal affairs. Marton kept me on the edge of my seat with very suspenseful writing and, in addition, raised consciousness of treatment of women in the some areas of the Arab world. While the Wildes didn't prominent role in the story, you could argue they acted as matchmakers, and I enjoyed every minute of this book.

Luckily for us, Marton is publishing the rest of the Wilde Family Saga herself, telling the story of the three Wilde Sisters - whom, I admit, totally grabbed me when I was reading their brother's stories as they were perfect little sisters - nosy, pushy, fun, but truly loving family members. Their resistance to the idea of marriage was established quite clearly, and seemed as strong as the three brothers. I think also having three older brothers, who not only were super hunks, but, I'll kindly say phrase this as players, may have influenced their view of men too. (see: Emily: Sex and Sensibility and Jaimie: Fire and Ice.

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