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The Sugar Cookie Sweetheart Swap - Donna Kauffman, Kate Angell, Kimberly Kincaid Five cookie stars for the Sugar Cookie Sweetheart Swap, a HOT holiday romance by Donna Kauffman, Kate Angell, & Kimberly Kincaid

I fell in love with Pine Mountain and the three heroines, Clara, Abby, and Lily, of The Sugar Cookie Sweetheart Swap, a fabulous, fun, and sexy holiday romance by three top authors: Donna Kauffman, Kate Angell, and Kimberly Kincaid.

Like my other favorite holiday collection, Love on Main Street: A Snow Creek Christmas, The Sugar Cookie Sweetheart Swap is a series of three interconnected stories set in the Blue Ridge Mountain community of Pine Mountain.

From the very first page that introduces us to both the community and the three friends - at the annual holiday cookie swap - this book is an engrossing page-turner. I can't say that one story was better than another as I loved each of them.

You'll definitely be warmed up by the first story, Where There's Smoke by Donna Kauffman, that features a very hunky firefighter Will and a baking-impaired cookie columnist Clara. Kauffman is one of my favorite authors and I love how she captures the sensitivity of Clara and the stand-up Will.

If you've never envisioned an anatomically correct Gingerbread Man before you will after reading Kate Angell's The Gingerbread Man. Abby, who's lost her beloved grandmother, has developed a new online business, selling anatomically correct, erotic cookies. When her box from the cookie swap is won by stranger Lander Reynolds, the story is set in motion. These two characters couldn't be more different on the surface, but Angell's ability to convey their real intentions and personalities make this story sing.

Kimberly Kincaid's Sugar and Spice pairs local pastry chef Lily against Philadelphia chef Pete Mancuso, in a contest sponsored by the hotel that could impact both their dreams. From the moment they meet it's apparent that the kitchen will be heating up - and not for the competition! I loved this story and the way that Kincaid showed all the layers of apparent tough guy Pete.

You'll be glad to know that you'll be able to visit Pine Mountain again after the holidays as this will be a new series by Kimberly Kincaid. The first book, Turn Up the Heat, will be released in March and promises to be a page turner too.

So if you're looking for a holiday offering that equally conveys love and some hot romance - along with characters that you'll adore - join me in savoring The Sugar Cookie Sweetheart Swap. Five cookie stars for this fabulous holiday collection!

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