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Midnight's Promise - Donna Grant A beautiful & heart-tugging read from Donna Grant filled with romance, magic, and suspense

I kind of had a crush on the bad boy warrior, Malcolm, Deirdre's former warrior designate and ultimate betrayer, from the very first time he appeared in the books. What's not to crush on? An alpha hero who is scarred and has a very sensitive interior life that he shields from view. I was so glad as he was rehabilitated over time in the books, but uneasy as to his future course at the end of book seven. So Midnight's Promise (book eight) was a fabulous read for me. Malcolm finally has his story to tell and in doing so, has to conquer his demons, not just the god who lives inside him.

When Malcolm first glimpses mies druidess Evie as she enters a grocery store, the writing is very much on the wall. Both of them are extremely guarded individuals, but their chemistry together cannot be denied. Evie's special magic is fascinating, but it is her relationship with her mute half-brother that really symbolizes who she is. Someone who took on care of a disabled child at age 18, with no questions, but great love. We know immediately that if he is threatened all hell will break lose.

One thing I really enjoyed about this series was that some of my favorite Dragon Kings were featured yet again. In the past few novels, Grant has been giving them more and more prominence and they are another group of super alphas that you will fall in love with too.

I'd advise any paranormal romance fan to make sure that Donna Grant's books are in the library on your e-reader or on your bookshelves (though some of her books, like the novella, are only available electronically at this time). I vote five bunches of mistletoe for this series of three spellbinding tales by Grant that help to round out a fabulous series.

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