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Midnight's Surrender - Donna Grant Perfect for the holidays, whether it's Christmas or the Winter Solstice is the just released (5 November 2013), Midnight's Surrender: A Dark Warriors Holiday Novella. If you were curious about Jason's warrior, the former British military man Dale, well here is his story. We last saw him at the battlefield defending Aisley with his life, defying Jason. Now he's in search of magic that has called to him from his almost deathbed.

He finds the source of the magic in a Druidess called Rennie on the Isle of Coll in the Inner Hebrides. Rennie is someone who thinks of her magic as minor, but if anyone touches her they may see their own future without her knowledge. To prevent this, she's chosen to isolate herself at her aunt's home on the island. Phelan finds her and when he touches her sees an image of himself he finds impossible to believe could ever occur, but that's another story (or part of Midnight's Surrender, actually).

Of course we find that there is a drough Druid on Coll who threatens Rennie, but this time it is not Jason. I really enjoyed this short novella that combined suspense, romance, magic, and some wonderful holiday cheer.

I'd advise any paranormal romance fan to make sure that Donna Grant's books are in the library on your e-reader or on your bookshelves (though some of her books, like the novella, are only available electronically at this time). I vote five bunches of mistletoe for this series of three spellbinding tales by Grant that help to round out a fabulous series.

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I received an eARC of Midnight's surrender from the publisher through NetGalley for use in this review.