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Born Wild: Black Knights Inc. - Julie Ann Walker Four stars for Born Wild, a thrill-a-minute read from Julie Ann Walker

I have to be absolutely honest, Julie Ann Walker's Black Knights Inc. series is one that I love. As soon as I downloaded her latest installment, Born Wild (book five in the series), to my Kindle just after midnight on 5 November, I couldn't stop reading it. So I was up all night with my favorite set of motorcycle-riding bad boys.

In Born Wild, Walker lets us find out what really happened between heiress Eve (best friend to Becky, who owns the repair shop) and "Wild" Bill Reichert, Becky's brother. The tension between the two of them has been apparent in the last few books and I think we have all been waiting to see what their story was.

I'll be honest, and try to do this without spoilers, but I really wanted to crash their heads together when I heard their back story. For two seemingly intelligent and savvy people (and hot and sexy too), I couldn't believe that they wouldn't have been able to work something out. But I guess that was where my suspension of disbelief came in and I just let it go (though grumbled under my breath a lot).

As usual Walker delivers a first-rate read with plenty of suspense, sexual tension, a secondary story line that I'm guessing may develop into book six, and plenty of hot, romantic scenes. I love the idea of these bike shop repairmen / special ops team members and enjoy how misunderstood they are by their neighbors and friends, until those aforesaid neighbors and friends reach the second floor of the Black Knight's bat cave.

Was this my favorite book in the series, no, that's still a tie between book two (In Rides Trouble) and three (Rev It Up). But I did enjoy it and, as I said earlier, it kept me up all night flipping pages madly in my Kindle, even though I guessed the villain (and his motivation) in his first appearance in the story.

I definitely recommend that if you haven't already, that you do get Walker's Black Knights Inc. series: Hell on Wheels, In Rides Trouble, Rev It Up, Thrill Ride, and Born Wild. For lovers of romantic suspense and super alpha heroes, this series is a must-read. So, four stars for Julie Ann Walker's Born Wild.

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