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Always On My Mind - Jill Shalvis Flames erupt in Always on My Mind, a super HOT Lucky Harbor romance by Jill Shalvis

What is it about firefighters that make them such iconic alpha heroes? Could it be because they risk their lives to protect ours? The fact that they have to be pretty strong and in shape to do the work they do? The knowledge that they have to be extremely wise to know what risks can be taken? Hmmm, probably a little of all of the above, plus all those popular charity calendar images certainly spur the imagination too.

In her eighth book of the Lucky Harbor series, Always on My Mind, author Jill Shalvis gives us the story of Jack, a firefighter hero we could all fall in love with. What could be better? Well the love recipe is stirred up by adding in the sweetest heroine, Leah, Lucky Harbor's amazingly compassionate baker.

Sweet Leah, in order to set firefighter Jack's mother's mind at ease as she goes through cancer treatment tell her that their relationship is now more than just friendship. Well, with that statement, player Jack loses his many friends with benefit hookups and perhaps Leah and Jack's friendship might move on from platonic to…extraordinary heat. Along the way, Leah deals with her return to Lucky Harbor from her stint on a Top Chef-like reality contest and Jack deals with moving on to a possible serious relationship.

Yes, you can see where this story might go, but it's far from a formulaic read as with each of these Jill Shalvis Lucky Harbor novels, Shalvis infuses the characters with real feeling. Each of her heroes and heroines have issues that they have to overcome and while the novels could be standalone, I highly recommend reading the entire series if you haven't already. It should be on your must-read shelf.

I fell in love with Lucky Harbor from the first page of Simply Irresistible (book 1 on sale for $2.99) when I first read it a few years ago. Since then I've laughed and cried with the stories of the really fabulous characters Shalvis has created and feel a sense of kinship with them.

I highly recommend Always on My Mind and am looking forward to new Lucky Harbor stories from Shalvis, including "Dream a Little Dream" in A Christmas to Remember collection (about firefighter Ian and salon favorite Melissa).

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I received and eARC from the publisher through NetGalley for use in this review.