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Christmas Dinner - Robyn Neeley Christmas Dinner by Robyn Neeley is a HOT holiday romance infused with the Christmas spirit
If you're looking for a heart-warming holiday romance novel that has just a touch of A Christmas Carol, you should definitely checkout Robyn Neeley's new book, Christmas Dinner. I really loved it from the Scrooge-like defensiveness of television news anchor, Amanda, to the fun-loving sincerity of hero Tate. And their on-air chemistry has nothing on what's possible off-air!

I was hooked from the beginning when Tate in a gesture of goodwill seems to steal Amanda's scoop, to the accidental meeting of sleigh and car, and finally when we meet Amanda's fabulous Christmas card family who live in upstate New York on, what else, a Christmas tree farm. Her mother knits matching Christmas themed sweaters for all of her Santa helpers as they deliver goodwill to those who have struggled during the past year.

But it's not all goodwill for Amanda as she has to confront the reason the holiday was ruined for her - her ex Brad who dumped her when she thought a proposal was in the offing. I'm still not sold on him as, well, you'll read it yourself. But Amanda's more forgiving then I am and that is very much in the spirit of Christmas that infuses this book.

There are several wonderful twists, turns, and plot surprises that will keep you from putting this book down. In addition, the love scenes between Tate and Amanda are HOT! The only thing I wish Neeley had included was the recipe for the eggnog sugar cookies as they sound delicious.

So for a holiday read to infuse you with the Christmas spirit, look no further than Robyn Neeley's Christmas dinner - a fabulous, fun, and touching romance.

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I received an eARC from the author for use in this review.