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So Irresistible - Lisa Plumley Lisa Plumley's So Irresistible mixes together pizza with HOT & steamy romance for a sexy & fun romance

Portland, Oregon must be hipster heaven. I've always wanted to visit and Lisa Plumley in her new novel, So Irresistible, gives the reader a perfect taste of this quirky and fun Northwest city.

I really enjoyed So Irresistible once I became familiar with the author's pace. Sometimes I wished that there was a bit more sense of the pizzeria that Gabby (Gabriella) is trying to save from the jaws of financial meltdown - while fighting a hidden saboteur.

Who's doing the damage? Is it the number one "fixer," Shane Maresca, who's quite HOT and is Gabby's first one-night-stand as she tries to blow off some tension? Well the heat between them probably melted all that tension away, but Shane is still the guy who's out to secure a purchase of her families pizza chain - at all costs.

Somehow, I never thought that corporate spies would target a mom and pop pizza chain for the families secret of preparing pizza dough and sauce, but in So Irresistible that's a fact.

I enjoyed seeing the heroine grow beyond the resentment of her perceived "betrayal" by leaving her family and their employees high and dry after a disagreement with her father - and how Shane's a positive influence on her. But it's hard to say, even mid-way through the book what will happen. And that's a good thing as those pages keep turning.

Plumley's recipe of mixing romance, some hot and steamy scenes, sabotage, and threats may rival the Sunday sauce, but I still would have loved a recipe for that! This is a fun contemporary romance novel that's a fairly quick read and I think most will enjoy.

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I received an eARC from the publisher through NetGalley for use in this review.