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The Keepers: Christmas in Salem: Do You Fear What I Fear?The Fright Before ChristmasUnholy NightStalking in a Winter Wonderland

The Keepers: Christmas in Salem: Do You Fear What I Fear?The Fright Before ChristmasUnholy NightStalking in a Winter Wonderland - Heather Graham, Deborah Leblanc, Kathleen Pickering, Beth Ciotta The Keepers: Christmas in Salem should be your new holiday must-read!

The Keepers: Christmas in Salem by Heather Graham, Deborah LeBlanc, Kathleen Pickering, and Beth Ciotta, is a holiday anthology that you will want to add to your collection - whether you're a fan of paranormal romance or not. In four novellas - Do You Fear What I Fear? by Heather Graham, The Fright Before Christmas by Deborah LeBlanc, Unholy Night by Kathleen Pickering, and Stalking in a Winter Wonderland by Beth Ciotta - these remarkable authors explore whether the force of what is quite literal darkness can be repelled from the historic town of Salem, Massachusetts, in time for Christmas.

While I've read a few of books in the Keeper multi-author series, it's not one I've kept up with to my regret. I will make sure to remedy that after reading this fabulous holiday anthology, which, while focusing on and exploring many paranormal elements, was really a paean to the Christmas spirit - and true love.

Whether the heroine was a keeper of vampires, elementals, selkies, or witches - the love each felt for their respective mate (vampire, empath, selkie, and witch) was a transcendent magic. In each story, we met one of the four Keepers in Salem who also were cousins. Each story featured star-crossed love (whether due to perceived cheating, unacknowledged affection, a separation of years, or inadvertent love spells), which was as important to resolve as it was for them to find the "big bad" who was literally keeping the whole of Salem in the dark.

At the time of Solstice, when day light should have begun to return, the Keepers found that instead there was barely any sunlight. Would they be able to solve this mystery of who and what was creating this phenomenon in time to prevent another Salem witch trial - with themselves in the stand?

As this anthology is set at Christmas time you may rest assured that authors Graham, LeBlanc, Pickering, and Ciotta will find a way to make sure that faith in good triumphs over evil. You would be ill-served for me to pick a favorite story from among these four as each was quite special in its own way. I loved how the authors maintained their respective styles, while at the same time carrying through with plot lines that appeared in the prior story. Beth Ciotta's conclusion to the series was quite the page-turner and the resolution, well - just remarkable.

So, please make sure to add The Keepers: Christmas in Salem to your holiday must-read shelf. It's a classic that you'll enjoy year after year. I can imagine reading it aloud at a "girl's night" as a new holiday tradition, while baking cookies, wrapping presents, or just sitting back with some Christmas treats and a glass of mulled wine or egg nog in front of the fire.

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I received an eARC from the publisher through NetGalley for use in this review.