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Love Songs for the Road - Farrah Taylor Five stars to debut novelist Farrah Taylor for Love Songs for the Road, an anthem to romance.

The advice that tells a writer to depict what they know was taken to heart by first-time author Farrah Taylor. She's receiving a standing ovation from me for a contemporary romance novel that's not only a fun read, but also provides some insight into a musician's life on the road - and it's costs. Her book, Love Songs for the Road (Entangled Bliss), tells the story of rock star Marcus Troy, his two children Charlotte and Miles, and their new nanny, Ryan Evans.

While we're probably very familiar with stories - fiction and nonfiction - of celebrity employers falling in love with their nannies (and vice versa), Taylor is able to keep this trope fresh with both the likeability of her protagonists and also the rock star bus tour setting of the main part of the story.

Love Songs for the Road also has conflict, both from a jealous longtime admirer of Marcus and also the machinations of his ex-wife. Both these subplots keep the tension level raised and the pages turning.

What drew me into the story? Simply put, the answer is the initial description of characters of Marcus, Ryan, Charlotte, and Miles. How could I not be fascinated, as I believe Ryan was, with a millionaire rock star who allowed his children to bind him in his study - while he was in his skivvies. His good nature - and somewhat clueless approach to what might be perceived as startling or beyond the bounds - was fresh and resonated as true for someone in his position. Ryan, a Kalispell (MT) native, was immediately drawn to his physicality and balances out his spontaneity with her more serious and studied approach to the care of children. She was able to see immediately that he was a loving and caring father - and that is one of the love songs that resonates throughout this story.

Ms. Taylor, yes, all those concerts you attended did pay off as your depiction of life on the road, the isolation of the famous, and the desire for something real all resonated as true. This was not a rock star road trip book filled with groupies or wild and anonymous sex. But there are some beautiful love scenes between the protagonists, and more than that, a touching and moving story of admiration, friendship, and physical attraction building into love.

I'm looking forward to future stories from this author and I think you will be too. Kudos!

In conclusion, I'm awarding five stars to debut novelist Farrah Taylor for Love Songs for the Road, an anthem to romance.

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I received an eARC from the publisher through NetGalley for use in this review.