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Agent I1: Tristan - Joni Hahn Joni Hahn's Agent I1: Tristan is a fantastic introduction to the MEGA five star D.I.R.E. Agency must-read series

Everyone wants to love a hero, but finding one can sometimes be a little hard. Particularly if they don't perceive themselves as hero material. However, writer Joni Hahn hits it out of the ballpark with her new suspense laden romance series, The D.I.R.E. Agency, that offers a touch of the paranormal too.

For fans of Doctor Who, you'll discover some fellow time travelers (though not Time Lords). If you've ever been fascinated by the urban legend of Einstein and the Philadelphia Experiment, you'll really enjoy Joni Hahn's take on it (and, like me, perhaps recall the 1984 sleeper film with Michael Paré). But most of all, if you love romance, you'll discover Hahn has the perfect ear to deliver strong, independent, and sassy heroines, while at the same time making sure her alpha heroes are strong and tough, with a little something extra. These D.I.R.E. agents have a soft center, particularly for those they love. So watch out, you may be getting a little fan girl crush on them as well!

The first book of the the initial trilogy of the series is Agent I1: Tristan. From the moment I started reading it, I couldn't put it down. Literally, I couldn't' put it down. I read through the night and then continued on books two and three. By morning I was bleary-eyed and slightly exhausted, but absolutely delighted as this new author delivered a fierce, wonderful, and inventive plot that twists and turns - and was not at all predictable. There are heroes and villains - and sometimes it's a little hard to gauge who is who. But that makes it all the more interesting.

So, have I caught your interest yet? If so, I'll continue with a brief review of each of the three books, but before I do, may I say you should wander away for a moment and download book one. Yes, really, go ahead. It's free right now. Maybe read a little bit and come back to read the rest of the review. But make sure that you give this new series a try. You won't regret it.

As I mentioned earlier, I couldn't put D.I.R.E. Agency Book One: Agent I1: Tristan down once I began reading it. The story opens as a bride prepares for her wedding day as a man watches her don her dress. Curious that. But this man is Tristan and one of his special powers, which the scientists at D.I.R.E. have created and given to him, is invisibility. While I don't think he'd normally take advantage of spying on a woman dress herself, Tristan is at the church on a mission.

The bride (Rachel) is the sister of Aidan, Tristan's former Navy SEAL team member and best friend. It seems like she's being forced into a marriage and Aiden wants Tristan to help him stop it. When the future groom arrives at the church not just drunk, but essentially comatose from the bachelor party the night before (and perhaps with a little help from Tristan too), both the bride's mother and groom's father demand the wedding proceed. However, before that can happen Aiden gives Rachel to Tristan and they both disappear together. WOW! Now that is what I'd call a fast-paced, thrill-laden opening and that pace continues through the whole book.

It's quickly apparent that there's quite the chemistry growing between this battle-hardened soldier D.I.R.E. super agent and the small town girl-next-door, but what's not clear even on a date around-the-world, is if they might have the possibility of a future together. When they finally give in to passion atTristan's island paradise, it might be a one-night-stand (or even a few nights), but you'll have to read the book to find out. Be prepared for some more secret agents, unexpected traitors, fascinating characters, and plenty of HOT romance.

In conclusion, I'd recommend that you add Joni Hahn's D.I.R.E. Agency series to your bookshelf. I'm adding it my permanent one as this is a series I anticipate going back to reread in the future. And yes, I still want a date like Tristan gave Rachel - hopping city to city across the globe in one magical evening!

Joni Hahn's D.I.R.E. Agency series is a MEGA five star must-read. Be prepared to stay up all night to finish it!

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I received an eARC from the publisher through NetGalley for use in this review.