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Nauti Enchantress - Lora Leigh Leigh's mixture of erotic heat, humor, romance, and suspense make Nauti Enchantress a 4-1/2 star enchanting read

With the release of her newest book in her Nauti series, Nauti Enchantress, Leigh continues to delight and entice readers with the mixture of the hot innocence of Dawg’s half sisters - the Nauti Girls. Before I began this book though, I realized it had been a long, long time since I had read the previous books in the series, so I dug them out and had a Nauti reading party! Whew, that’s some hot reading and perfect for these summer days. I love the Mackay boys and, heck, Somerset County seems so just darn delightful that I’d like to get one of those houseboats on the lake too.

If you haven’t read the Nauti series - the five plus Nauti Boys series (now available in The Nauti Boys Collection / plus Nauti and Wild) and the three book Nauti Girls books (Nauti Temptress, Nautier and Wilder, Nauti Enchantress) - this summer would be the perfect time to do so. They’re the perfect mix of alpha bad boy heroes, the kick-ass heroines who can bring these Nauti boys to their knees, and suspenseful story lines that keep you guessing till the last page is turned. Leigh’s style that mixes erotic heat and humor equally with romance makes for a fabulous read - and provides the reader with characters that become more than words on a page, really a virtual extended family.

Nauti Enchantress focuses on Lyrica Mackay, the third of Dawg’s four half sisters. Lyrica’s been crushing on Graham, her best friend’s older brother, for years and years. But she finally gives up on this major player after a steamy and sadly enlightening encounter in the winter. But a few months later he’s the one who is rushing to her rescue and, hey, he is a hottie. What is a girl to do, especially when her extended family is away. Well, pick up Nauti Enchantress and find out what happens with one hot player and one saucy and beautiful Mackay sister are locked away together for days on end…

As I was enchanted by Nauti Enchantress, I’m awarding it four and a half stars (or lightning bugs in honor of my nighttime friends).