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Decadent: Big Sky Pie #4

Decadent: Big Sky Pie #4 - Adrianne Lee A decadent, delicious, and sexy must-read!

I’ve had a reader crush on hunky former cherry farmer now go-to Kalispell contractor, Wade Reynolds for a while. We saw Andrea and he date a bit in Delightful, but that wasn't enough of Wade. I was so happy to see that book four, Decadent, features his story.

Who will tweak this self-effacing and shy, yes, shy guy’s interest? Will it be the sultry and obvious mother of his daughter’s best friend who makes the crock pot into an item of courting? Or will it be Roxy, the former chef-owner of a hot Seattle restaurant, who lost that and much more in her divorce from her Seattle Seahawks hubby, who developed a taste for cheerleaders during their marriage?

Roxy arrives into her hometown of Kalispell during a Montana snow storm. She’s driving a spanking brand new Cadillac Escalade that she’s essentially holding hostage until she receives a check for her half of community property. It seems that cheerleaders weren’t the only things to interest her ex. He also was benched for steroid use and all his accounts frozen till the investigation is complete. Who does she encounter on an otherwise deserted road, but Wade as they slip, slide, and miraculously come within inches of crashing into each other. You have to read this book if only for this scene and the cat and the hat. That’s all I’m going to say. Really. Read. This. Book.

Wade and Roxy are two opposite personality types who have very different life experiences. With the death of his wife from cancer years earlier, introvert Wade essentially focused all his attention on his daughter and his business - and tried to avoid friend’s good-natured matchmaking. Now, he wants to find someone to call his own. Extrovert Roxy, on the other hand, is still bitter and burned from her divorce, the loss of her restaurant, and her inner confidence. What she’s looking for is a fabulous cowboy to hook-up with for fun and also to restore her self-belief in her own sexual attraction.

Once again, Adrianne Lee’s witty dialogue sparks laugh-out-loud moments. I’ll never go on a house tour again without thinking of what happened with Wade and Roxy and the realtor and teacher. Classic.

However, its the exploration of a relationship and its inner and outer dynamics that keeps me reading Lee’s stories. She is incredibly sensitive to adding the nuances that allow a reader to flesh out the characters in their own mind.

I do hope that there will be more Big Sky Pie stories in the future as I don’t want to lose track of these characters that have become true book friends. Plus I want an update on Wade and the Cat and the Hat!

Adrianne Lee’s Decadent proves that true love can be found when you least expect it.

Four-and-a-half stars