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Bringing Maddie Home

Bringing Maddie Home - Janice Kay Johnson Engrossing read and addictive introduction to Janice Kay Johnson's fabulous Mysteries of Angel Butte series!

This fall I began I picked up Janice Kay Johnson’s Bringing Maddie Home and couldn’t put it down. I became engrossed in this story of a teenager gone missing, a police detective who never gives up, and a woman who has a frightening history she can’t remember.

This first book in Johnson’s The Mysteries of Angel Butte series set the bar high for the rest of the stories, but book by book she has met that challenge and exceeded it. One of the reasons I find this series so fascinating is Johnson's ability to portray her characters so vividly and so distinctly. These books were my introduction to the Harlequin SuperRomance line, for which Johnson is a regular and beloved contributor - and they've definitely sold me on it.