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For Her Eyes Only - Shannon Curtis An adrenaline-spiking, page-turning, steamy read

I really enjoyed Shannon Curtis’ For Her Eyes Only, the third book in her McCormack Security Agency Series. Yes, I love romantic suspense and in order to give this a fair review I absolutely HAD to read the previous two store sin this series, Viper's Kiss (Book 1) / Guarding Jess (Book 2), right? Well, that was my excuse anyway and soon I was happily immersed in some adrenaline-spiking, page-turning reads. I really enjoyed this series and For Her Eyes Only is filled with plot twists and suspects, as well as some steamy scenes. Ryan, the hero, an operative with McCormack Security is paired with a desk worker at the security agency, Vicky. They once shared a steamy kiss, but then Ryan beat a hasty retreat, now however they are undercover (in more ways than one) at a couples resort where some unsavory things seem to be taking place. I’d highly recommend you take a look at all three books in the series, but if not, this story does stand on its own. A fun summertime read when the days are hot, as the winter descriptions may help you cool off.

(I received an eARC from the publisher through NetGalley for use in this review.)