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Body of Evidence: 2 (Evidence Series) - Rachel Grant The second book in the Evidence series, Body of Evidence, begins with the heroine, archaeologist Mara Garrett, facing a firing squad in North Korea. Oh my goodness, my heart about stopped as she walked blindfolded to her final sentence, and only began to beat again when U.S. Attorney Curt Dominick (from Concrete Evidence) arrived.

Curt flexed his negotiating skills a bit to help Erica in Concrete Evidence as Lee's best friend, but that was nothing to going up against the North Korean leader with the poker face that ex-President Clinton coached him on. I’d swoon if he were on my side and it’s clear from their first encounter that Mara and Curt have a pretty strong attraction to one another. However, Curt is prosecuting Mara’s uncle, a former U.S. Vice President, so while he’s riding to her rescue they’re on opposite sides of that fence.

Soon they’re both being hunted by Mara’s ex-fiance on behalf of his father who runs the security/black ops company that her uncle works for. Planes explode, friends are murdered, car chases ensue. Oh yes, Grant raises the level of adrenaline-pumping action in Body of Evidence. But once again it is the details of Mara’s work as a forensic archaeologist, her career dedicated to finding and bringing the bodies of MIAs home for their families to have final closure, that draws me in.

I also admit to really liking the character of Mara. She'd be a great BFF. Perhaps she’s a bit too trusting for a world that seems to be imploding around her, but it’s her spirit and faith in humanity that touches a chord with me. How could Curt resist her?

The romance between Curt and Mara is one of the most beautiful that I’ve read. Grant proves that mental stimulation is just as sexy as any physical details in their nightly phone conversations, writing some of the most loving and erotic passages I’ve ever read.

I couldn’t put Body of Evidence down, either. While it seemed like there really wasn’t much mystery as to who was corrupt, Grant pulled out some last minute plot twists that ratcheted up the suspense even more.

When I turned the final page, I knew that Rachel Grant is an author that would have a permanent home on my must-read shelf and will be a future auto-buy. Yes, Body of Evidence just ROCKED! It’s filled with suspense, passion, tenderness, and features a dynamic, intelligent heroine and a hero who's sexy, strong, and skilled at negotiating the halls of power.