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Withholding Evidence - Rachel  Grant As you might guess, I quickly began reading the next title in the Evidence series, Withholding Evidence.

This time the heroine, Trina Sorensen, is a military historian who works for Mara and in the same government agency as Erica. Yes, all three women are rocking their respective professions.

It’s clear that Trina has faced quite a bit of chauvinism in her chosen field. If you’re someone whose been up against the old boy network, you’ll appreciate how Grant describes Trina’s struggles - and her triumphs.

To keep the peace at the office, Trina takes on an assignment from one of the most condescending old boys she works with. She feels she can’t afford not to as she needs the job security. What’s the assignment? To interview members of a SEAL team about a Somalian mission they had undertaken a few years ago.

From the moment that former Navy SEAL Keith Hatcher slams the door in Trina’s face, you know that they’re going to be dynamite together. In another engrossing story, Grant ratchets up the sexual vibe to smoking hot for Trina and Keith.

After one of the most explosive (ahem) encounters I’ve read, Grant provides Trina and Keith with a conspiracy to unravel. In addition, we learn more about the other members of Keith’s SEAL team. If I hadn’t had a reader crush on him earlier, seeing the caring and understanding way he dealt with his teammate who sought escape through drugs, would have moved him up my hero list.

Withholding Evidence is a bit shorter than the other two books in the series and is a slightly faster read.

My only complaint about Rachel Grant’s Evidence series is that I’ll have to wait a few months for the next installment. Yes, these books are that good.

So if you love romantic suspense, kick-ass highly intelligent heroines, and super alpha heroes, pick up Rachel Grant’s Evidence series today!