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Blade to the Keep - Lauren Dane Dane delivers an excellent sequel to Goddess with a Blade

Blade to the Keep by Lauren Dane, the second Rowan Summerwaite book, picks up after the crisis in Las Vegas is over. 

Rowan and Clive have moved on - together for now - and are working on a treaty between the Vampire Nation and the Hunter Corporation. With vampire representatives from around the world, they’re gathering for a summit at the fortress-like home of Rowan’s guardian, The First. He’s one of the oldest vampires in existence (hence his title) and leads the Vampire Nation. 

There’s conflict, deception, and traitors to root out, but the real question is will Clive and Rowan survive? If they do, will they stay together? 

I really enjoyed Blade to the Keep as I was so curious about The First, who made a few interesting appearances in the first book. This story explains why Rowan is so tough. What her early life was like. Why she has such mixed feelings about The First. It ROCKS! Plus, Clive just keeps getting more interesting. 

If you love urban fantasy/paranormal romances and haven’t already read the Rowan Summerwaite series, DO! It’s excellent. Plus this summer is the perfect time to catch up (or reread these stories) as the the third book, Blade on the Hunt, will be released in mid-November.

Four-and-a-half stars

(I received an eARC from the publisher via NetGalley for use in this review.)