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The Deadly Series Boxed Set - Jaycee Clark [I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.] A thrill a minute with Jaycee Clark's Deadly series..Beyond the Page Publishing just released the box set of author Jaycee Clark's Deadly Series. Fortunately for all of us who hadn't yet met her heroes, the five brothers Kinncaid, we can now read their exploits in this complete collection. And let me tell you these are HOT alpha heroes!

Clark definitely knows how to meld several genres together - romance, suspense, and mystery - in order to create a spectacular read. Each of the books - Deadly Shadows, Deadly Ties, Deadly Obseesion, Deadly Games, and Deadly Secrets - could be read as a stand-alone novel, but who would want to with this brilliant option available.

While I did take time out to sleep, eat, and do some chores, I pretty much read these straight through in a 24 hour period. Clark has a wonderful gift of conveying her characters' humanity, whether it's Jock's fondness for nicknames, Ian's unfulfilled desire for a smoke once his wife intervenes, or Jess's coffee obession, the reader (me) felt that these characters had become friends by the end of the series. I will admit I found Deadly Secrets a harder read than the others, frankly because of the topic, but Clark's prose soon drew me into the story and although it still isn't my favorite, it's a solid volume.

Look out for Deadly Beginings, the book that will provide the story of Jock and Kaitie's love affair in the '60s, that led to marriage and their family of five heroic sons. I'm hoping to hear more about the Irish grandmother's curse that seems to have haunted the brothers Kinncaid and their wives during their respective courtships (most with bullets flying). But without the troubles they encountered, we wouldn't have this excellent series.

From Fab Fantasy Fiction: http://www.fabfantasyfiction.com/2013/10/a-thrill-minute-with-jaycee-clark.html