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Down on Love - Jayne Denker [I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.] Jayne Denker's Down on Love proves that sometimes you can go home to discover what you were searching for. It's not often that I'll open a book up and while I'm reading find myself literally in my backyard, but with Jayne Denker's Down on Love, that's the situation I'm in. Her Catskill Mountain hometown of Marsden seemed SOOO familiar that at one point when I was making a run to the general store I thought I might bump into George. Denker captured this area perfectly and while the people here are not quite as nosy as George's neighbors, somehow there is some truth to that description as well.

With that in mind how could I not love Down on Love? I couldn't. From the moment I started reading, when George was still blogging about her love disasters in Boston, I emphasized and identified with her. Her return to Marsden, absolutely perfect. And the tension between her and her sister… spot on. Now, I just wish I had a friend like Casey somewhere round here too…but maybe he'll show up someday as well.

This was a highly enjoyable read and Denker's humor was fabulous. I was reminded of Jill Shalvis' Lucky Harbor series when I read this and do hope that there might be more about Marsden (or Mars) to come. I have to admit to wanting to nudge George and Casey on, but loved the depictions of their circle of friends and the environs.

So, with George, I'll give this a five pie salute and I've got to run as that apple pie from Denker's recipe is almost done.

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