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The Dangerous Book for Demon Slayers - Angie Fox [I received an ARC from NetGalley in return for a fair and honest review.] Four stars for Angie Fox's re-released The Dangerous Book for Demon Slayers, a hilarious and fun read. Angie Fox's Demon Slayer series was one of the first that I read electronically and I have to admit a great deal of fondness for it. That said, I was really happy to see that Season Publishing has re-released book two, The Dangerous Book for Demon Slayers, in a new e-version.

What's not to love about Lizzie, the Harley riding preschool teacher, terrier mom, gryphon lover, who just also happens to be a demon slayer?

When she and her biker grandmother, assorted witches, and her succubus magnet boyfriend descend on Vegas to rescue her real fairy godfather, who happens to also be her maternal uncle. All hell tries to break loose.

This is a fun, light-hearted read. And if you find yourself chuckling at the antics of all the characters, well, I think the author hit her mark. I have to say that I re-read most of the series (I admit to skimming one or two of the books) and enjoyed them quite a bit. I can't say that this is my all-time favorite read, but it's certainly fun.

If you don't already have an e-version of The Dangerous Book for Demon Slayers, make sure to order yours today.

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