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Serafina and the Virtual Man - Marie Treanor Five stars for Marie Treanor's Serafina and the Virtual Man, a sexy and fun paranormal mystery

What is the perfect Halloween read? Marie Treanor's Serafina's series without a doubt. Set in modern day Scotland and populated by psychics, witches, vampires, zombies, faeries, leprechauns, ghosts, ghosts, rockers (some of the scariest of the bunch), and more, this a fabulous series that is filled with a bit of mystery, suspense, the supernatural, humor, and a lot of hot, sexy romance. In fact, this is the perfect read for any paranormal romance fan, and I'd extend that to romance fans with a thing for sexy hunks in Scottish kilts and lovers of Scottish brogues.

Book two of the series, Serafina and the Virtual Man, focuses on Jilly, Sera's best friend and an extraordinary computer hacker. With romance in the air she wishes to find a little of her own, but seems to always strike out until she and Sera visit a Edinburgh McMansion, owned by a computer gaming maven. He and his wife seem to have recently acquired a poltergeist and they've called in Serafina's to help rid them of this annoying spirit.

While there, Jilly discovers a hidden room filled with computers and inhabited by an amazingly handsome and interesting man, Adam. Soon she is finding a new spirit in her computer - and not one by Steve Jobs - and discovers that Adam might be the ghost and former business partner of their client and not a real man. What's a geek girl to do? Is he real or only virtual reality?

In order to get rid of the poltergeist, Sera, Jilly, Jack, and Blair must investigate what happened to Adam. While doing so, Jilly finds herself drawn more and more into Adam's world - and I was too. He's quite the alpha geek hunky hero.

I love how Treanor wove their romance through the story as well as continuing to keep us up-to-date with Blair and Sera's. I was as engrossed in this book as the first one and couldn't bear to put it down until the last page was flipped.

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I received a digital galley from the publisher through NetGalley for use in this review.