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The Things I Do for You - M. Malone Book two of The Alexanders series, The Things I Do for You, opens with model Raina getting the great news that she's been greenlighted for a reality television series. However at the press event to announce the series, she finds out her fiancé has returned to his soap-star ex-wife. Her world collapses, not really because of losing her fiancé, but because he was her one hope of having a child before her time ran out due to some health issues.

Remember I mentioned I wanted to know what had happened between Raina and Nick Alexander? Well this is their novel. They had a one-night stand months earlier, before Raina's engagement, and apparently went merrily along their ways. But we soon see that there is a lot more emotion there than just lust - and neither was very merry in leaving the other.

There's a Vegas wedding in the future and the Elvis impersonator is hilarious, but you'll not just find humor in this sequel, but a great deal of emotion as Raina has to learn to love and Nick has to learn to care beyond himself. Once again the Alexander family takes center stage and their warm embrace makes that transcends the page makes this series so remarkable.

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