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Midnight's Temptation - Donna Grant Can love triumph over a hatred that spans centuries? LOVED this book.

Midnight's Temptation (book seven) finds warrior Phelan tracking a Druidess (Aisley) across Scotland. He sees her, kisses her, and can't forget her, so he follows her magic while she's on the run. When she crashes and he rescues her, he can sense that the current drouth baddie Jason, whom the warriors just did battle with, is after her. But he doesn't know her secret - that she's not only Jason's cousin, but a drough herself.

I had seen Aisley in previous Dark Warriors novels and was never able to quite get a fix on her, in Midnight's Temptation we are now able to see who she is and how she came to be involved with Jason. And the interplay between Phelan and Aisley - fabulous. Of course there is more magic, encounters with druids and some other magical beings, and a battle with Jason. The ending is a true cliffhanger till the last few pages.

I'd advise any paranormal romance fan to make sure that Donna Grant's books are in the library on your e-reader or on your bookshelves (though some of her books, like the novella, are only available electronically at this time). I vote five bunches of mistletoe for this series of three spellbinding tales by Grant that help to round out a fabulous series.

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