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Accidentally...Cimil? - Mimi Jean Pamfiloff A hilarious must-read for Accidentally Yours fans. Cimil ROCKS!

If you’re a fan of Mimi Jean Pamfiloff’s Accidentally Yours series, you know and may love (or hate) Cimil. This goddess of the underworld definitely does not leave anyone without an opinion. But is she truly evil? And what’s with the unicorns and the clowns? Well, if you’ve ever asked those questions as you’ve read books one through four, Accidentally...Cimil?: An Accidentally Yours Novella will fill in all the blanks. This hilarious and oh too short story gives Pamfiloff the deep background on Cimil that they’ve been dying for as well as deep belly laughs, a bit of hot sex, and definitely prepare us for the final book in the series, Accidentally...Over? (Accidentally Yours Book 5), to be released 26 August 2014. Before that date, I’d advise you to reread the entire series: Accidentally In Love With...A God? (Book 1), Accidentally Married to...A Vampire? (Book 2), Sun God Seeks...Surrogate? (Book 3), Accidentally...Evil? (Book 3.5), and Vampires Need Not...Apply? (Book 4). Just be prepared for friends and strangers to give you the fish eye as you burst into loud laughter. Pamfiloff is the mistress of paranormal romantic comedy and Accidentally Yours is the perfect read under the summer sun.