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Delightful - Adrianne Lee A fun, sexy, and tasty read that will delight you!

When I think comfort food for my sweet tooth, my inner touchstone turns to pie … the physicality of rolling the dough, the aroma of the pie baking that fills the house, and the first taste of a warm slice along with a little ice cream. Melt in your mouth delicious and true down home comfort.

Just as actual pie is my comfort food, Adrianne Lee’s Big Sky Pie series set in Kalispell, Montana, offers down home wisdom, bad boy (and girl) antics, humor, and some HOT love scenes. If you haven’t yet read these books, because initially they were only available electronically, you’re in luck. The first three of Lee’s Big Sky Pie books are now available in paperback! I’ve already taken a look at the first two books (Delectable and Delicious) and am giving books three and four a look here, because I want to experience that comfort read for the soul that Lee delivers so well.

If you’re familiar with the series, like me, you probably wish that there was a Big Sky Pie bakeshop on your Main Street too. But we can all read ourselves virtually to Kalispell and find out what’s been happening with friends and family of Big Sky Pie.

In book three, Delightful, pie shop manager Andrea, who has been the feisty spark to guarantee the success of Big Sky Pie, takes the central role. Now a divorcee/widow, she has less than fond memories of her ex-husband, a rodeo cowboy who tended to lasso a few too many fillies while still married to her.

Now a single mom who’s busy raising two boys under ten, Andrea’s come to realize that perhaps instead of lusting after every bad boy she encounters, she should be looking for a Mr. Right. Someone to be a father for her kids. Even if he doesn’t light her fire, she’s tired of letting her girl parts make all her decisions. It’s time to put her boys and their welfare first.

That’s what Andrea thinks until Ice walks in. Yes, reality television producer/director Ice Erickksen is the ultimate one-night-of-sin bad boy who puts her motor into drive, but she’s gotten tired of that trip.

Ice is tired of all the Hollywood shenanigans he’s been dealing with since he was a kid - and something about Andrea, Big Sky Pie, and Kalispell just seems a bit different to this jaded Hollywood insider.

The first part of the book focused on Ice’s team filming secretly in Big Sky Pie - or rather trying to be secretive about the project - was just hilarious. Several passages had me chuckling to myself then laughing out loud. For those of you who flip pages till you get to the sex, oops I mean, love scenes, don't worry. They're there too. The initial scenes between Ice and Andrea are hot. Really HOT. The two of them together are just combustible and the detail of her boots, priceless. (You have to read it, sorry. No spoilers here!)

But it was this description that made my mouth water. Yes, seduction by a slice of pie:

“Andrea spied Molly’s caramel apple pie, cut herself a slice, heated it in the microwave, and lifted a forkful to her mouth. The crust flaked against her tongue, and the sweet apple and spices dissolved like honey, the taste sensation as delightful a pleasure as great sex. As she continued eating, every bite had her mind tumbling, trying to make sense of her life. . .” (p. 69)

Now, don’t you want to run to your kitchen and find that pie on the counter, cut yourself a slice, and heat it up to have that same pleasure experience! (I keep flashing in my mind to the classic Meg Ryan scene in Sleepless in Seattle when I read it.) And for any of you who bake, Lee includes a recipe for this exact pie at the end of the book. FABulous!

That all said it is really the emotional quotient that keeps me reading these Big Sky Pie books. Lee knows how to just hunker in and pull at the reader’s heartstrings. Delightful is a fun, sexy, and tasty read that will delight you.