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The Lightning Charmer

The Lightning Charmer - Kathryn Magendie Interesting paranormal romance with a southern flavor

I couldn’t resist this book as it combined a southern setting (deep in the Appalachian mountains) with a paranormal tinged romance. The heroine, Laura, is fascinating as her paranormal talent as a synesthete (seeing and tasting colors that are reflective of emotions, people, and objects)is not something that’s written about often. When she’s drawn back from New York City to her Appalachian mountain hometown and rediscovers a friend from childhood, Ayron, who is now a recluse. Magendie writes their story in a lyrical prose that is imbued with accent of the inhabitants of Appalachia. As in the south, there is no hurry to rush to finish this book, but each page is slowly savored. Sometimes a bit too slowly for this more fast-paced northerner, but absolutely perfect for the lazy, hazy days of summer.

Three and a half stars