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Beauty and the Cowboy - Nancy Thompson This review was written for and appears on TheBestReviews[dot]com

"Nancy Robards Thompson offers up a fun, fast-paced, and charming cowboy romance"

What's a girl to do when she and her almost fiancé can't agree on a wedding ring? That's what is on Charlotte Morgan's mind at the beginning of Nancy Robard Thompson's, Beauty and the Cowboy from her Montana Born Fair series.

After being involved with the hometown rodeo hero Tom, who spends more time on the Professional Bull Riders circuit than he does with her, this quandary sparks some serious doubts about their future in Charlotte's mind. But she's not too distracted to notice her former best friend and boy-next- door, Jesse Guthrie's very delectable backside at a meeting with him and her Chamber of Commerce boss, Jane McCullough, about the upcoming Miss Marietta Pageant.

When Charlotte solicits Jesse's advice about her misgivings and he tells her that if he were in love with a girl he'd know what ring to choose without even asking - and not hesitate or take six years to pop the question - this reader did a little swoon. Jesse is a former bull rider himself who got sidelined after an injury, but returned home to take over the management of the fairgrounds and the raising of his teenage sister, Mattalyn. Yes, prime spoonable cowboy material here!

Well, here's Charlotte's description of Jesse:

"At six-foot-four with mile-wide shoulders and piercing blue eyes, Jesse possessed considerable gifts. Plain and simple, he was hot. Being her friend didn't diminish his hotness. In fact, as a friend, she'd glimpsed other facets of him that added depth and dimension to the man that others who might be put off by his gruff exterior might never see."

Don't you agree Jesse is some cowboy!

After Charlotte desperately and unsuccessfully tries to reach her almost-fiance in Las Vegas where he's competing in yet another tournament, Tom finally returns her call a day later to let her know that he married someone else. I think that Marietta, Montana, has definitely chosen the wrong cowboy hero to celebrate.

The first person Charlotte sees when she goes to drown her sorrows (and eat loads of onion rings, because Tom hates them) is, of course, Jesse. Charlotte's and Jesse's tiptoeing around acknowledging their mutual attraction creates fun and touching situations. The following scene were she is toasted and speaks in drunken truth is just hilarious. While Charlotte's sensitive and gentle coaching of Jesse's sister Mattalyn for the beauty pageant is touching.

The question remains will Charlotte, who's always been a beauty pageant runner- up, become the number one (and only) choice of her love. Will Jesse, who's lived through the death of his parents and the loss of his first dream, have the courage to reach out for love.

Read Nancy Robard Thompson's fun, fast-paced, and charming Beauty and the Cowboy to discover the answer!